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Major D is an Israeli-American actress and singer-songwriter born by the name Dorin Giladi.

She's the daughter of the famous Israeli actor, singer and comedian, Moti Giladi.

Dorin made her first debut on stage when she was 9 years old, preforming by her father's side, acting and singing in Yiddish. The show "Yiddishe Gesheft'n" (Jewish Business) which was dedicated to her grandfather, David, was a big success in Israel and around the world (USA, Canada, Belgium & Australia).
At the age of 10, already labeled as a "wonder child" for singing in Yiddish as if she was born in Poland, Dorin got to stand on stage at the Rivera Hotel in Las-Vegas and sing the famous song, "Papyrus'n" (Cigarettes). Dressed as a Jewish little orphan boy, selling cigarettes in the Ghetto, Dorin brought the audience to tears.  
Sadly at the age of 12, Dorin lost her mother, Orna, to cancer and became an orphan herself.

She continued singing and acting throughout the following years, graduating the Musical Dept. in her High-school and spending her 2 years of service in the IDF, performing & singing for combat soldiers.

After the army she got accepted to "Hakibutsim Seminar" College in Tel-Aviv, majoring for 3 years in the Arts of Theatre.

At the Age of 27 she got Married and left all her stage & acting activities.
Dorin moved with her husband to a suburb up north and during her first pregnancy, she made a career change and began studding Interior Designing. After 5 years as an interior designer and 3 kids later... her love for the stage began awakening and so she made her comeback, performing again in Yiddish with her father in the show "Yiddish Myne Oytzer".

That year she also wrote, directed and produced the musical family show "Mrs. Magic & Mr. Wish", that was dedicated to her special & beautiful Mom. 

Dorin got divorced 5 years ago after 10 years of marriage. She remains in very good relations with her former husband and they join hands in taking very good care of their 3 children: Alma, Rom & Omer.


Just before Covid19, she started amusing herself with writing a few pop songs. Joined by her friend, the actor and musician, Johnny Roze, she ended up writing an eclectic, humoristic and very "poppish" EP which will stream out in 2023. "Still Married?!" & "Got Me Going" are the first 2 singles to be released from that album.

These days, in addition to growing her 3 children and pursuing her musical career, Dorin is a part of the "Yoko Village" community in Costa Rica & the Netherlands, and the founder of the "Music Lab" project, which will connect and join musicians from all over the world to retreat and make unique and inspiring music together.







For my mommy. I wish you stayed...

Orna Giladi 1947-1993

singing "PAPIROSEN" in yiddish

RISE UP (cover)




PR - Galit Kashi 


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